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Filtcare Technology India is one of the world-class manufacturer and exporter of Filter Housings such as Cartridge Filter Housing, Bag, Basket Strainer, PVC Cartridge & Bag Filter Housing for Industrial Applications. One of the most important benefits of our filter housing is Easy to operate and low maintenance. Our Filter Housings are available in MOCs like a Various type of Stainless Steel as Stainless Steel 304, SS 304 L, Stainless Steel 316, SS 316 L, Duplex SS 2205, etc. We also offer custom solutions as per your requirement. Filtcare is faithful towards delivering the best customer satisfaction by providing the most valuable solutions in meeting filtration needs through the innovational products and services.

Cartridge Filter Housings
Our Cartridge Filter Housings are used for a wide variety of fluids handling various flow capacities. Our Cartridge Filter Housing Can handle flow rate up to 2000 M3/Hr. Cartridge Housing is available in MOCs (Material of Construction) like Stainless Steel 304, SS 304 L, SS 316, SS 316 L, Duplex SS 2205, etc. Also, our Cartridge Filter Housings are suitable for Double Open End type (DOE) and Single Open End type (SOE) filter cartridges.

Cartridge Filter Housing India

Basket Strainer
Basket Strainers are used for a variety of fluids or applications where the suspended particles are to be retained of any size and offer Flow rate Up to 2000 M3/Hr. Our basket strainers are used for various applications like Process Industries, Textiles…etc. Also, our basket Strainer is connecting with end connections like Flanged, BSP, NPT, DIN standard.

Basket Strainer Manufacturer India

PVC Cartridge Filter Housing
Polyvinyl chloride or PVC Cartridge Filter Housings have a simple design with high filtration quality. In our PVC Cartridge Filter housing, you can accommodate 5 to 9 Cartridges.

PVC Cartridge Filter Housing Manufacturer India
PVC Bag Filter Housing
PVC Bag Filter Housing are not Environmentally friendly but PVC Bag Filter Housings are the best option and an alternative for Stainless steel (SS) housings.

PVC Bag Filter Housing Manufacturer India
Y & T Strainer
Y-Strainer is used in applications where the number of suspended solids to be removed are less and where frequent cleaning is not required. Y Strainer is also available in different Material of Constructions like Stainless Steel – SS 304, SS 304 L, SS 316, SS 316 L, Carbon Steel

Y-and-T-Strainer in India

Polypropylene Filter Housings
Polypropylene filter Housings are generally used in corrosive/saline liquid processing.

Polypropylene Filter Housing Manufacturer India

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