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Filtcare is dedicated to offering Filter Candles of the highest value to our customers. We control both the manufacture of the filter Cartridges into the finished products to ensure the dependability and quality of every product that we sell.

Filtcare implement the highest quality practices in all manufacturing phases. We are committed to customer satisfaction and on-going improvement.

Our Range Of Filter Cartridges


Spun Bonded Filter Candles: Filtcare Spun Bonded Candle filters are manufactured through a process that thermally bonds pure Polypropylene microfibers with lower density at the outside surface and progressively higher density toward the center.  Our Spun bonded Filter Candles are useful for application such as Drinking Water Treatment, Industrial Water Treatment…etc

Wound Filter Candles : Filtcare Wound Filter Candles (Wound Candles)are made up of polypropylene fibers and are designed to meet the most demanding filtration duties. Our Wound candle Filters are useful for Pre filter for ultra pure water Applications, Filtration for Acids and more

PP Pleated Filter Candles : Are you looking for PP Pleated Filter Candle Manufacturer in India. Filtcare Offer PP Pleated Filter Candles, They are used in a variety of applications like food, pharmaceuticals, Air, Gas and other demanding process industries.

PTFE Filter Candles

Polytetrafluoroethylene Filter Candle / PTFE Filter Candle is a versatile polymer used in a broad range of medical, industrial, and high technology applications. Filtcare Offer PTFE Filter Candles with Sizes : 10″,20″,30″40″ Long

Carbon Filter Candles : Looking for Carbon Filter Candles for Water Treatment, Membrane Pre filter , Edible Oil or Mineral Oil Filtration Application? Filtcare Offers Carbon Cartridges with High dirt holding capacity & Filtration Rating of 5, 10 Micron

Oil Adsorbing Filter Candles: Filtcare Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge is made from modified cellulose-based Filtration media to chemically bond with hydrocarbons and other pollutants. These Filter Candles are useful for applications like Water Treatment, Ballage and bilge water clean up, Surge clean up…etc

Resin Bonded Filter Candles: Resin Bonded Filter candles are also known as RBCM Filter Candles useful for applications like Fuel Oil Filtration, Paints, Grease, Inks Filtration….etc

Stainless Steel Filter Candles: Stainless steel cartridges (Environment Friendly – Reusable Filter Candles)are used in applications of high temperature and where there is lack of compatibility of synthetic Fiber media. Stainless steel cartridges are offered in Stainess Steel 304, Stainess Steel 316, Stainess Steel 316L,materials .

We also offer custom filtration solutions as per clients requirement

Our experienced team who will work with your team to determine the best solution for your filtration needs.


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